Tax Advantage



Maple Leaf 2017 Flow Through Limited Partnership

Maple Leaf Short Duration Flow-Through offers investors exclusive short duration flow-through investments. Maple Leaf is committed to providing investors with up to a 100% tax deduction, accelerated liquidity, the opportunity to convert income into capital gains on an annual basis and a well diversified portfolio of resource stocks that is managed by Jim Huang, one of Canada’s top performing flow-through fund managers.

Walwyn  Properties II Limited Partnership

The Millennium III Group of Companies was founded 36 years ago to address the high barriers to entry of real estate investing. By facilitating collective ownership of commercial real estate through a limited partnership structure, we offer investors the opportunity to participate in real estate opportunities through partnership. Millennium III acquires and develops commercial properties with potential tax advantages. Investors, as part owners of a property, participate fully in the profit from operations while maintaining limited liability. The directors of Millennium III personally purchase partnership units in each project, reflecting our commitment to its long-term success.