Private Investments

What is the exempt market / private market?

Private InvestmentsInvestment in the private market (commonly called “exempt market” or “alternative investment”) gives investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio in assets that are not offered by traditional institutions. Private investments place, among other assets, capital in mortgage pools, asset-backed securities, debt securities and equity instruments in private enterprises.

The prospectus exemption on the offering memorandum lets companies sell their securities to a broad range of investors according to an offering memorandum. An offering memorandum is a document which provides an overview of the business and internal affairs of a company.
Any buyer is able to obtain securities under this exemption, but there are limits, depending on the province and whether or not the investor qualifies.

With this in mind, Eric will advise you on your exemption category and on suitable products for your portfolio. In addition, he will determine with you the type of investor you are and will prepare a tailored, competitive and realistic investment strategy.

Note that Eric Roy also provides his services in the following Canadian provinces: : AB, BC, SK, MB, ON, QC, NS and NB


Intended clientele

Are you a business owner, or a successful business that has a growing portfolio?

Are you a professional with wealth (assets, real estate, etc.) or you have some savings?

Do you have funds to invest and are looking for an alternative to traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds or GIC’s?

Contact us and book a no-obligation consultation to see if the Private market might be the right fit for a part of your portfolio.

The advantages of the exempt market

It has been demonstrated that the best investment strategies are based on the principle of diversification. One of the advantages of the exempt market is that it offers numerous opportunities, which allows financial advisors to greatly diversify your investment portfolio.

Benefits to Private investments

    • Secured investments with tangible assets
    • Preferred return
    • Corporate governance
    • Diversification of the investment portfolio
    • Increase in profit margins
    • Not directly co-related to the volatility of traditional markets