Our Mission, vision and philosophy


Our Objective

For 15 years Eric Roy has been making every effort to ensure the Protection, Planning and Performance of your assets, property and estate. For Eric Roy, the objective remains the same: to apply an uncompromising standard of professionalism when it comes to growing your money, protecting your loved ones, arranging your company succession or estate.

Our Approach

A financial advisor is obligated by law to offer strategic diversification which takes needs into account and which is manifested in recommendations that are adapted to the reality of each client. 

It is with this in mind that Eric Roy and his team listen to you, showing humanity and respect, in an effort to offer highly tailored products and services that ensure the Protection, Planning and Performance of your assets.

Is it not reassuring to know that you are respected and listened to by financial sector professionals who understand all the efforts you have put forth to accumulate your savings, and who will take the necessary measures for you to have peace of mind?   

Be  it with respect to protecting your wealth, education planning,  growing your assets, protection in case of illness or death as well as  retirement and estate planning, Eric Roy and his team will provide you comprehensive support with your projects, goals and needs.




Eric is currently a finalist for the award for “Best Advisor - Alternative  Investments” of the prestigious Wealth Professional Awards. He was also appointed branch manager by Pinnacle in February 2017. Eric also won the award for the best provincial performance with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers in 2015. He is part of the Great West-Life Gold Key Advisors network as well as the Sun Life Strategic Partners program. In 2013, Eric qualified as a Court of the Table member of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table).



Passionate about investing and acquiring knowledge, Eric Roy draws his motivation and inspiration from the quality of advice and knowledge of the financial sector that he offers you.

An outstanding triathlete (Ironman) who has competed on the national scene for many years, Eric Roy ensures that the discipline he has acquired in sports is incorporated into his professional practice as an exempt market (private) and individual and group insurance advisor.

Client Relations

Eric Roy is committed to serving you with humility, knowing that you and he are a team. It is thanks to his ability to listen, to the support he provides you and to his long-term vision that Eric Roy makes every effort to understand you perfectly in order to represent you better.


Eric Roy organizes monthly conferences on the exempt market. These conferences are intended for investors looking for an alternative to the stock market and to traditional investments.

The purpose of the conferences is to inform potential investors on private and investment options issuers, and what non-traditional investments may suit their portfolio.